caMicroscope Roadmap

Updated 1 December 2023

Project Mission and Summary

The mission of caMicroscope is to provide a robust, open-source platform for digital pathology imaging and analysis. Our goal is to support advanced research and healthcare through customizable studies, wider imaging support, improved usability, and interactive analysis. By achieving these milestones, we aim to empower researchers, pathologists, and medical professionals with cutting-edge tools and a seamless user experience.

This roadmap covers the goals in different focus areas for the next three years.

Focus 1: Develop Tooling and UI Components

  • Create tooling and UI components
  • Enable user-configurable image study workflows

Focus 2: Enable User-Interactive and Batch-Mode Workflows

  • Implement user-interactive image analysis workflows
  • Implement batch-mode image analysis and ML/AI workflows

Focus 3: Expand Access to Annotation Data

  • Enhance accessibility to annotation data
  • Facilitate visual exploration of annotations

Focus 4: Modularize caMicroscope Services

  • Break down services into modular components
  • Establish a plug-in framework for user-defined UI, analysis, and microservice modules

Focus 5: Adopt and Contribute to DICOM-Pathology Standards

  • Adopt DICOM-Pathology standards for images and annotations
  • Contribute actively to the development of these standards

Focus 6: Support Multi-Channel and Multi-Modal Images

  • Enhance support for multi-channel microscopy images
  • Enhance support for multi-modal microscopy images, including fluorescence and confocal imaging
  • Support spatial omic data

Focus 7: Validate caMicroscope as a Medical Device Development Tool

  • Complete all validation development tasks required to become a FDA MDDT.
  • Become a participant in the MDDT program as an open source project.

Ongoing Tasks

  • Continuous maintenance and updates to ensure system stability and security.
  • Regular engagement with the caMicroscope community for feedback and feature requests.
  • Documentation updates to reflect new features and improvements.
  • Create and improve User Focused Tutorials