A perfect tool, for whole slide imaging microscopy.

caMicroscope is designed with a strong emphasis on usability, catering to both seasoned pathologists and newcomers to digital pathology. Its intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly navigate and explore high-resolution pathology images. The platform's annotation and marking tools simplify the process of identifying regions of interest and making vital notations. Users can also perform basic image analysis tasks with ease, measuring distances and areas accurately. Collaboration is made seamless, facilitating the sharing of images and annotations for multi-disciplinary research and educational endeavors. This user-centric approach, complemented by extensive documentation and user support, ensures that caMicroscope remains a user-friendly and accessible solution, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and precision of pathology analysis.

caMicroscope: Pathology Partner

caMicroscope is a cutting-edge, open-source platform revolutionizing digital pathology. Designed for pathologists, researchers, and medical professionals, it empowers precision image analysis, seamless collaboration, and customizable solutions. Explore high-resolution pathology images, annotate findings, and unlock the potential of digital pathology with caMicroscope.

Collaborate alongside Artificial Intelligence

caMicroscope excels in its adaptability to interact seamlessly with artificial intelligence technologies. It empowers a broad spectrum of applications, whether in the hands of pathologists or AI developers. Pathologists can enhance diagnostic accuracy by leveraging pre-trained AI models, collaborating with these tools for image analysis and pattern recognition. For AI researchers, caMicroscope is a dynamic platform for curating and annotating extensive datasets, vital for training and refining AI models in the realm of pathology. It supports machine learning development with a flexible interface for experimentation and algorithm testing. This versatile integration of human expertise and AI capabilities propels pathology research and diagnostic excellence.

Major Features

Annotate the slides. View, name and add notes about the annotation set.

Can select, save annotations and set the panel to original state.


Draw thin lines, thick lines, or polygons on the image.

This helps to clearly show the markings in the slide for analysis.


Can Draw circle or a rectangle around a tumor region.

Lets one to label the slides, download labels and make datasets.


Using deep learning technology, results from a pre-trained tensorflow compatible model can be shown on a ROI of the slide.


Display, count, and export nuclear segmentations on the image.

Useful to introspect the segmentations of the tumor.


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Who is using caMicroscope?

caMicroscope has fostered collaborations with a range of prestigious projects and collaborators, each contributing to the platform's dynamic evolution. Some collaborators include:

  • The Cancer Imaging Archive
  • Emory University Department of Biomedical Infomatics
  • The US Food and Drug Administration
  • The US Department of Energy
  • National Institue of Health
  • State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah
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